Computer Vision, Image Processing & Analysis

Advanced needs driven image segmentation, associated quantitative analysis (specifically mathematical morphology, colour-texture analysis) and machine and deep learning research with applications in computer/machine vision and medical imaging (specifically computer aided detection and diagnosis focusing on translational research). This is done within an engineering framework focusing on the automatic extraction of key image features with a view to quantitative analysis, classification and/or tracking of key information within an image or sequence of images.

Professor Paul F Whelan is a Full Professor and holds a Personal Chair (Computer Vision) at Dublin City University.

This web site brings together the related works of Professor Paul F Whelan, who has worked in computer vision research for over 30 years both in industry and academia. Over time it is my intention to build up a range of resources relating to traditional and deep learning based Computer Vision, Image Processing & Analysis (or CIPA) and computer vision based machine and deep learning research and related teaching, and what I hope to be useful links and digressions.


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