• Congratulations to Vincent Andrearczyk on the successful defence of his PhD thesis - "Deep learning for texture and dynamic texture analysis".
  • Congratulations to Julia Dietlmeier on her successful defence of her PhD thesis - "A Machine Learning Approach to the Unsupervised Segmentation of Mitochondria in Subcellular Electron Microscopy Data". 
  • Congratulations to Vincent Andrearczykon his best overall paper award at IMVIP 2016 in Galway for his work on "Deep Learning for Biomedical Texture Image Analysis" 
  • Congratulations to Tony Marrero Barroso on the successful completion of his PhD - "Colour Local Feature Fusion for Image Matching and Recognition".
  • Vincent Andrearczyk and Prof. Paul F. Whelan received the best paper award at IMVIP 2015 for their work on "Dynamic Texture Classification using Combined Co-Occurrence Matrices of Optical Flow" [Full Paper - PDF]
  • Prof. Paul F. Whelan & Dr. Tarik Chowdhury receive the 2014 AWARD FOR ENGAGEMENT WITH INDUSTRY/BUSINESS for the licensing of its computer aided ultrasound detection technology to a new start-up ReproInfo Ltd.
  • Call for ASSISTID Fellows (Specific Calls) is now open. Experienced computer vision / machine learning researchers (i.e. in possession of a doctoral degree or at least 4 years full-time equivalent research experience) are encouraged to apply.
  • Congratulations to Michele Peporte on her PhD graduation (14-Nov-2014).
  • CIPA finalises the commercial license of its computer vision technology for automatic computer aided detection of the reproductive cycle and pregnancy of Bovines from ultrasound images to reproinfo. This work was designed and developed in CIPA as part of an Enterprise Ireland - Innovation Partnership grant (IP/2011/0107) with Reprodoc Ltd.
  • The 1st call for ASSISTID Fellows (Specific Calls) is now open. Experienced researchers (i.e. in possession of a doctoral degree or at least 4 years full-time equivalent research experience) are encouraged to apply.
  • Ilea, D.E.; Whelan, P.F. (2011) "Image segmentation based on the integration of colour-texture descriptors-A review" remains in the top 10 (#8) Hottest Pattern Recognition articles from January to December 2013.
  • Congratulations to Tony Marrero Barroso for his best paper award (entitled "Local Image Features") at the Rince Institute - Research Away-Day 2014.

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Previous Staff / Students

Vincent Andrearczyk (Postdoc HES-SO Valais-Wallis), Dr. Julia Dietlmeier (Postdoc DCU), Dr. Robert Sadleir (Faculty - DCU), Dr. Derek Molloy (Faculty - DCU), Tony Marrero Barroso (Huawei Technologies), Dr. Michèle Péporté (National Archive, Luxembourg), Dr. Brendan Byrne (Technical Manager at Tomra Sorting Solutions), Dr. Ketheesan Thirusittampalam (Senior Lecturer, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka), Dr. Stephen O'Brien (Canada Life), Dr. Aubrey Dunne (Jaliko/Movidius), Dr. Artzai Picon Ruiz (Principal Researcher at TECNALIA Research & Innovation), Sean Begely (Irish Life), Dr. Dana Ilea, Dr. Dahai Yu (Director of AI Research Institute at Midea Group), Dr. Felicia Brisc (University of Hamburg), Dr. Michael Lynch (Senior Project Manager, Product Development at NexJ Health Inc., Toronto), Dr. Tarik Chowdhury (Principal Engineer at Huawei Technologies), Dr. John Mallon (Principal Engineer, ReproInfo), Dr. Kevin Robinson, Dr. Nammalwar PadmaPriya (SSN College of Engineering, Chennai), Tim Carew (Owner - TSI Flowmeters Ltd.), Dr. Ovidiu Ghita (LeicaBiosystems), Tommy McGowan (Irish Central Bank), Dr. Mario Rojas (Valeo Germany), Dr. Federico Sukno (Faculty - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), Dr. M. Julius Hossain (Research Scientist - EMBL, Germany), Dr. Jacey Lynn Minoi (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak), Dr. Mark Sugrue (CTO Kinesense Ltd), Dr. Naser Prljaca (Full Professor of Control Systems and Robotics, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Alexandru Drimbarean (Vice President, Advanced Research at FotoNation), Nicolas Sezille (Biometric Algorithm Developer at Daon), Ken McClannon (Technical Business Unit Director, Nypro Healthcare), Abhilash Miranda (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Stig Petri (Oticon A/S, Denmark), Gabriel McMorrow (Harris Corporation), Julien Vallat (Creaform, France)

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